Global Ventures

Global Ventures is the strategic funding program from Global to invest in early stage startups focusing on the travel industry.

The Global Ventures Story

Global Ventures was born in 2014 as a strategic vehicle to drive collaboration with the startup ecosystem. Since then, we have introduced more than 250 startups to our business units and we have developed more than 30 joint projects with our portfolio companies. Our portfolio continues to grow by 3 – 5 companies every year.
Global Ventures is a startup investment program where we look for both strategic value and financial returns in all of our investments. Portfolio companies gain access to our extensive global network, industry know-how and technology. They will have opportunities to attend selected customer events, represent Global in startup competitions and exchange ideas with our industry and solution experts.
While business potential and financial viability are important factors to consider when making investment decisions, equally we emphasize close commercial relationships with the companies we invest in. For each investment case, we identify collaboration opportunities that are mutually beneficial for Amadeus Ventures and the startup. We look for entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, and together we deliver next generation technology that improves the travel experience of business and leisure travellers. 

Our focus

We want to create better traveler experiences by solving pain points of the traveler journey either through our customers or directly.  We look for startups with new value proposition and currently working with airlines, airports, hotels or travel intermediaries.

Global Ventures - Investment
Criteria & Process

Global Ventures invests in startups with scalable business ideas, solid financial potential and exceptional teams.

Global Ventures is a venture fund whose aim is to encourage and nurture innovation applicable to the travel industry. By doing so we look for:

Startups in an early stage of development

Companies that are working on ideas, business models and technologies with the potential to disrupt and impact the travel industry. We look for companies who have crystalized their business concept into product prototypes that are used by trend-setting customers.

Talented teams

Talented teams who have the combination of business and technology knowledge and track record to execute.

Ideas that shape the future of travel

Ideas that shape the future of travel which are scalable and sustainable. We look for businesses with a solid revenue model and clearly identifiable path to profitability.

Direction of the company

Direction of the company in alignment with the overall Global strategy. We look for tight relationships with our portfolio companies to help bring strategic value both to Global and the start-up entity.
Once we have received your investment proposal, our team will review it against the investment criteria above.  We will be in contact with you directly for an initial discussion if the opportunity fulfills the above conditions.
If you are interested in talking to us, please complete this short questionnaire. Once we have received your information, our team will review it against the investment criteria above.  We will be in contact with you directly for an initial discussion if your company meets the above requirements.

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