At Global, we help travel companies all over the world improve the experience of billions of travelers every year. By placing the traveler at the heart of everything we do, we can overcome the challenges that stand in the way of great travel experiences.

Travelers at the heart of what we do

By identifying and analyzing the end-traveler’s own needs and requirements, sharing our market expertise and working collaboratively with our customers and partners, we  are able to uncover key traveler trends that will shape the future of travel.

Solutions for travelers

If you are a traveler looking for help to ease your next trips, we have a range of solutions for you.

| CheckMyTrip

All the travel info you need,
in one app

With CheckMyTrip you can see your trip itinerary, get flight information and alerts, check the weather, maps and a whole lot more to get you smoothly from door to door. It’s FREE and available in Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Get ready for your trip

| CheckMyTrip

Get personalized trip info and travel services sent straight to your phone.

A digital travel concierge that sends personalized travel information and services straight to travelers’ mobile phones through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


Plan a trip

Get inspired for your next trip! At you can search for flights, discover the world through videos and find tools that are useful for any type of traveler. 


Not familiar with Global?

Our technology helps travel agencies book tickets for airlines, tour packages, hotel rooms, car hiring, railways, cruise and all the other ways you get around, either for business or leisure.

Not only that but we also create the systems that help you book and manage your trips, from purchasing a ticket, to selecting your seats and reclaiming your luggage.

As you can probably tell by now, if you are planning to travel in some way, we will probably be crossing paths. We have thousands of people working around the world to help you travel smarter and better. 

We constantly explore traveler demands and challenges to add value for your trips, now and in the future.