Global Travel Platform is at the core of the Live Travel Space

A space that combines the Global Travel Platform technology, our people’s expertise, substantial investments and strong customer relationships.

What is the Live Travel Space?

Live Travel Space is where all players can connect and collaborate to address the desires of travelers and provide them with a wide range of options at any given moment. The Live Travel Space provides the biggest network of travel content for any type of travel seller -Travel Agencies , Corporations, metas, mobile applications… – through the Global Travel Platform technology. What does Live Travel Space bring to your business?

The Global Travel Platform is at the core of our investment

We are evolving our travel platform to be more flexible. Based on fully open systems that harness the intelligent use of data a one-stop shop that brings together all relevant travel content – including air, accommodation, rail, mobility, insurance and destination – from any source (EDIFACT, NDC and other APIs) into a single travel platform. Imagine accessing the broadest range of global travel content, all in one place. We’re able to accommodate different business models, giving flexibility and autonomy over how content is sourced, managed and displayed. Besides this, the content can be displayed through multiple channels and touchpoints like self- booking tools, web services, travel agency front office solutions and mobile.

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Live Travel Space can
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Our people's expertise

The Live Travel Space is powered by a global Global network of over 16,000 professionals — 5,600 of whom are in Travel Channels. Our team includes developers, data scientists, industry experts, consultants and local market specialists. Our customers value the people and technology at Global because we care about their businesses and strive to offer them the best customer experience possible.


Strong customer relationships

We put the customer at the heart of our organization. Our teams have built trust and gained experience with our customers for over 30 years in the travel industry. Additionally, we have the largest reach in every travel segment – present in more than 190 countries- and our evolved team structure creates new opportunities for our customers’ business to grow. Join us in the Live Travel Space: an open dynamic and connected space for your business to grow!

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Insights for the New World of Travel

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