Travel insurance

Our mission is to provide the most reliable and efficient touchpoints and solutions for travel insurance purchase and sale. Solutions are built around connecting airlines, retail travel agencies, online travel agencies and travel management companies with an expansive portfolio of travel insurance options. We work to help your company grow and offer travelers the peace of mind they deserve.

Connect with travel bookers around the globe

Our travel insurance solutions are designed to source and display the best travel insurance options in the most impactful way possible. We provide travel sellers and airlines with a substantial number of travel insurance companies to collaborate with, offering a rich source of content that they can use to cater to travelers’ needs.

An intuitive workflow

The thought process behind all our travel insurance solutions is centered around creating intelligible and functional products that make doing business easy. Global Insurance is easy to implement and can be integrated into diverse selling channels. Insurance is presented in a clear workflow and can be booked quickly and easily.  

Enhancing the synergy between travel agents and travel insurance sellers

At Global, we take a bigger picture approach, with our ranges of solutions that are built to last in the travel insurance market. Because we are deeply aware of the insurance industry characteristics and all the quirks of the work of travel sellers and airlines, our platforms work as a bridge between the two. We help them optimize their revenues and product offering while offering peace of mind and a safer journey to travelers.

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