Travel content

Content powers choice, and choice empowers your business. Global offers you a single point of access to the widest range of travel content, fully integrated and with all the operational advantages of bookings made in the Global Travel Platform.

Flights, seats and fares, hotel rooms and other accommodation options, cars, transfers, trains, cruises and travel insurances… We bring together the widest range of travel content from different travel providers and different technology sources, and make it available in the Global Travel Platform.

Explore all the options to build the most adequate portfolio for your business and to serve your travelers with a more transparent, enhanced and personalized travel experience.

Air content

We give you a head start by offering you the broadest range of air content in one place, the Global Travel Platform.
As an Global travel seller, you can search and book content from over 400 airlines, all integrated in one merged display, whether the content is sourced from EDIFACT, NDC or other APIs. Accessing such a full range of air content all in one place makes it easier for you to compare offers and help your customers to find the best option.
Booking on airlines through our travel platform helps you to provide superior servicing and better personalization. Our technology allows you to be ahead on all counts, further enhancing your travelers’ experiences, who can additionally benefit from the ancillary services of more than 150 airlines and the fare families of over 100 carriers.
Our travel platform and Global Altéa, our airline passenger service solution, are part of the same community-based platform. This brings unique benefits to travel sellers including unparalleled accuracy and visibility of their fares and availabilities.


bookable airlines in the Global Travel Platform focus


Altéa carriers (unique advantages for travel sellers)


airlines with ancillary services

Hospitality, mobility, rail and more

In addition to our air content, the Global Travel Platform already offers over more than 1 million properties* from hotel chains, aggregators and other leading accommodation providers through one single display or API connection.

What we can help you with



Accommodation types range from 5-star hotels to B&Bs to managed apartments, and a variety of different business models and payment options are available.

We also offer content from 90 rail operators, 69 mobility car rental & transfer providers, 21 insurance provider groups and 30 cruise and ferry lines.


railway companies


car rental companies


cruise and ferry lines


insurance companies

The result is the broadest range of travel content across the whole industry, sourced from quality and reputable providers. Just the best way to improve the service and the options that travel agencies can offer to their customers.


As we look to rethink travel and move forward on the path to recovery, varied content or more travel options will be a key component. Demand for multimodality is increasing and we are confident it will continue to increase in the years to come. 

Global Value Content

Global is not only focused on developing and enhancing the content that is in the A Global system, but also on the commercial framework for beyond air content with the Global Value Content business model.

This is a simplified model for contractual agreements, financial flows and invoicing providing travel sellers with access to a greater scope of travel content with Global.

As the industry evolves and becomes more complex, we continue to look at innovative ways to bring new and additional content into our system and normalize that content for our customers. Simplifying the complexity and offering travel sellers more choice in how they want to access and consume all types of content  is becoming increasingly important.

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