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Global offers you the technology and content you need to build differentiated packages, accelerate your operations and sell through more profitable channels.

Today’s leisure travelers want new experiences. They want more personalized choices. And they want technology to improve every step of searching, buying, enjoying and sharing their trips.
That’s what Global helps tour operators deliver, with solutions to enhance every part of the leisure packaging value chain.  

Meet Hanna - and her Travel Agent Sophie

Hanna is planning her first trip since the start of the pandemic and realizes that traveling now is different than before the pandemic, so she calls her local travel agency to get an expert's help with the planning & support.

Rethink Automation with Global

Every chance to earn revenue matters so your business can thrive and scale.Global Automation solutions can be one of your greatest profitability allies.

Access all types of content

Global helps tour operators access the broadest range of global flight, hotel, transfer content and more, all in one place.

Create unique, profitable packages

Integrate content from any source, build fixed or dynamic packages effortlessly and apply business rules to drive more profitable sales.

Grow your distribution reach

Build your B2B distribution, enhance direct sales and improve traffic acquisition with Global’ network and solutions.

Automate and optimize processes

Automate processes, improve business intelligence and uncover opportunities to generate new revenues and reduce costs.
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Automate smarter. Recover faster.

Global automation solutions help accelerate your recovery and thrive in the new normal.

We are entering a new world of travel.

Each report focuses on an important strategic area to guide travel sellers through this this new chapter in our industry.

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