Smart cities

Global transforms the way cities interact with both their residents and their visitors, whether people are arriving or departing a city, or simply commuting on a daily basis. Amadeus’ ambition is to facilitate the entire travel journey, creating a seamless travel experience from door to door - thus creating a true smart mobility experience.

Seamless travel is at the core of Smart cities

Right from the inspiration phase through to the travel itself, Global is the key connector between what travelers want and what cities can offer.


Helping cities attract more inbound travelers and having a better understanding around their preferences. Better decisions for cities using big data.


Travel intelligence

Global’ Travel intelligence tools tell Smart cities where their future visitors are coming from, as well as their overall travel behaviors, including planning and purchasing. This means cities can optimize their overall strategies to better welcome visitors and adapt where necessary on the go

Digital advertising

Our data-driven travel advertising platform helps cities promote themselves as the ideal destination, they can do this to the right traveler at the right time. Our platform connects leading advertisers with the biggest network of publishers, reaching millions of travelers worldwide.


Helping cities with traveler touchpoints – delivering a frictionless, connected journey. This can be done all of the way from their departure, right through to arrival at their final destination.



The challenges airlines are facing today have never been greater, yet the opportunities have never been so exciting! Our portfolio of flight, customer and disruption management solutions enable airlines to build brand differentiation, increase revenues and operate more efficiently.

Airport IT

Navigating the airport of tomorrow. Global airport systems and technologies help connect airports to the wider travel ecosystem delivering a seamless travel experience.


Helping cities turn their infrastructure and commuter investments into a seamless travel and tourism experience.



Our technology connects car rental companies, transfer providers, airport express trains, and city commuters. Helping cities create a seamless travel experience from door-to-door for the traveler.


Connecting data, travel providers and traveler touchpoints to improve city experiences and services.


From hotels and casinos to restaurants and stadiums, we deliver exceptional solutions for reservations, sales and catering, property management and operations, all focused on a better end-to-end experience.

Destination services

At Global, we support our partners to provide first-hand tourist information to cities, helping them promote their tourism services to their visitors. Contact us for more information: smart.citie

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