Small and medium travel agencies

As we together face the challenges of today and look to the future, we’re committed to helping you power up your business with solutions adapted to small and medium size travel agencies. We work with businesses like yours to make booking travel easy. Keep reading to find out more.

Be the change with Global technology

We evolved from a GDS to a powerful travel platform. Imagine having the best solutions and accessing the broadest range of global travel content you need for your small and medium travel agency. With our platform, you can create personalized, safer and stress-free travel experiences for your customers. 

|  With your Global SME solutions

Be.. relevant

Create unique and safer travel experiences

Be.. agile

Offer your travelers more

Be.. profitable

Boost your efficiency

Be.. part of the community

Transform your business

Create unique and safer travel experiences

All travel content in one place
Search and book any type of travel content anywhere in the world. Flights, hotels, cars, ancillary services – you’ll find everything you need with Global.
More content, more revenues
Grow your travel agency revenue and customer loyalty with personalized trip offers including seats, bags options, transfers and all services tailored to your clients’ needs.

Offer your travelers more

Make your service stand out 
It takes just a few seconds to search, compare, book and ticket the most competitive deals and best available fares. Build a trip experience that includes all the services your customers need.
Stay connected and serve your travelers better
Great customer relationships can be a powerful differentiator for your travel agency. Give high-value services, from inspiration to post-trip, and keep in touch with your customers during the entire travel experience.

Boost your efficiency

Embrace technology
Automation creates new opportunities. You can respond to requests faster, access more services and manage customer expectations. Best of all, you don’t need to be a technology expert to do this!
Be empowered
Global lets you take control when your customers need help. You can rebook a flight, process a refund, change an ancillary service and do more with our automated tools.

Transform your business

Take your digital transformation to the next level. With us, you can:
  • Anticipate market trends and adapt your offering
  • Support your strategy with our free performance reports
  • Keep up to date with industry news and trends
Access all products & services
It’s quick and easy to find the support and training you need. Ordering our solutions from the Amadeus Store is just few clicks away! Earn rewards for every booking you make and become part of a global and dynamic community of travel professionals.
| Testimonials

"I was a loyal customer of Global for 10 years but got lured away by the promise of better things. Once I signed with another partner, I was stranded with a system which was simply ridiculously complex to use and with very little support. I’m now just so relieved to be back with Global, a partner that delivers on its promises. I’m back to an intuitive system which empowers me, is accessible online anywhere I go and which has the content I need - in one place. And I’m really looking forward to getting back that Global rapport that I’ve been missing."

|  Benefits for your SME travel agency:

More content

Have all the travel content you need at your fingertips: flights, hotels, cars and more.

More choice

It’s never been easier to find the right fare. We provide a calendar display with live flight prices.

More flexibility

Connect to our booking platform via the internet and work from anywhere, anytime.

More personalization

Create tailored trip proposals for your customers, helping to build long-term loyalty.

More revenues

Complete the trip with add-on services, such as checked-in luggage and allocated seats.

More control

Manage your business with our online portal. Track sales, earn rewards, order products you need.

More speed

When plans change, you can react quickly. Re-issue or refund a ticket in a just a few minutes.

More knowledge

Let us help you get the most from your Amadeus solutions with online training and demos.

Meet Hanna - and her Travel Agent Sophie

Hanna is planning her first trip since the start of the pandemic and realizes that traveling now is different than before the pandemic, so she calls her local travel agency to get an expert's help with the planning & support.

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