Retail travel agencies

Meet the demands of a more informed, tech-savvy customer base with Global' industry-leading retail travel agency solutions, helping you unlock new market opportunities, safeguard competitive positioning and maximize revenue.

With our technology and our people, we aim to build a Live Travel Space to create better journeys and enable our travel agency customers to grow. Find out more here.

Meet Hanna - and her Travel Agent Sophie

Hanna is planning her first trip since the start of the pandemic and realizes that traveling now is different than before the pandemic, so she calls her local travel agency to get an expert's help with the planning & support.

Rethink Automation with Global

Every chance to earn revenue matters so your business can thrive and scale.Global Automation solutions can be one of your greatest profitability allies.

Our content

We are evolving our technology and transforming our platform for travel agencies to access the broadest range of global content, all in one place. With the Global Travel Platform the content can be distributed via any channel or device, allowing comparisons and bookings to happen in a uniform and transparent way.

Search, shop & sell

Deliver an exceptional shopping experience from first click to booking confirmation, foster customer loyalty and drive profit.

Traveler servicing

Provide first-class traveler support, foster customer loyalty and drive revenue with our range of traveler servicing products and solutions.

Market insight & reporting

Exploit big data and actionable insights to propel your sales rates, streamline operations and provide high quality customer service.

Revenue management & optimization

Improve your revenue management and streamline the payment and fulfilment process for increased profits, productivity and efficiency.

Global Selling Platform Connect

Put your passion to work today with our next-generation booking and fulfillment platform.

Global Partner Network

Traveler expectations are evolving fast. By partnering with Global, together we can deliver better value to travelers across all touchpoints.

| Case Studies

easyJet’s Success in European Business Travel

A Case Study in Partnership with Global.

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