Renew Travel

Global travel has started to return in the wake of the global pandemic. And now more than ever, we believe that travel is a force for good as it breaks down barriers and powers progress by connecting people and cultures. Nevertheless, uncertainty remains. Therefore, we must begin to think about our sector anew, strengthening resilience by focusing on traveler needs and building a more collaborative industry. It is the same mindset, resolve and commitment that has carried our industry through the pandemic and that will allow us to continue to pursue sustainable and resilient growth, whatever the challenges we face. Together. By applying technology and innovation, developed with the traveler in mind, we can accelerate this industry evolution, and empower the travel ecosystem to identify and deliver value that supports both industry renewal and the traveler experience.


By placing the traveler at the heart of everything we do, we can overcome the challenges that stand in the way of great travel experiences.


Working together across the travel ecosystem, we can build a renewed, traveler-centric, more sustainable and more resilient industry


By applying technology and digitalization we can adapt to the evolving needs of travelers and accelerate industry evolution