Open Source

Open source technology is a fundamental part of our cloud computing vision at Global. We are harnessing open source software to enhance our operations and drive innovation, collaborating on open source development with the world’s brightest technology minds.

Open source is at the heart of what we do

Open source has reshaped the landscape of IT and business. Since we launched our Open Source Initiative in 2011, Global has created a dedicated infrastructure to support open source development and community building. 

With open source, our customers benefit in a multitude of ways. Apart from improving time-to-market, response time, quality and resilience of Global’ core computing functions, we are able to offer them access to the latest open solutions, and the freedom to develop customized solutions on top of standard product features, providing exciting new functionality to the travelers whenever they need it. 

Open source unlocks true innovation in travel

Our open source projects rely on the collaborative spirit of a global community of developers, resulting in the development of software, systemsand technologies that are not only innovative, but also secure and cost-effective. Open source technologies are enabling exciting innovations in organizations around the world.

Thanks to open source software, we are able to drive evolution in areas such as cloud computing, New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), merchandising, ticketing and data analytics which are driving new services and increased value across the travel sector.

Collaborating to make things happen

Global Cloud Services is supported by an Open Source project Global developed in collaboration with Red Hat on OpenShift Container Platform. This is important in Global’ move towards Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The level of collaboration and innovation can benefit the broader community and enables Red Hat to deliver significant business value to other costumers.

Our contributions to the open source community

Since the launch of the Global Open Source Initiative in 2011, we have cultivated a long-standing association with the open source community, driven by a collaborative spirit and continual innovation. Here are just a few of our achievements to date.

Global Aria™ Templates


Global ARIA™ Templates is a JavaScript framework aimed at building rich and highly scalable enterprise web applications. ARIA™ has reached its 1.4.12 release from the initial version 1.2. Today, the community is working hard to enhance the templating engine that will power the version 2.0.

Open Source License Compendium Project (OSLiC)


Global is an active member in the Open Source License Compendium project, OSLiC. A Deutsche Telekom AG initiative, the project aims to create an open source document, and aid the open source community in achieving 100% license conformity.

Open Source Compliance Advisor

The Open Source Compliance Advisor (OSCAd), is a web application that makes the information contained in OSLiC more accessible to users, aiding them in ensuring compliance for their project.

RedHat OpenShift Origin Community

Global is an active contributor to RedHat’s OpenShift Origin community. Our association has only grown stronger with the launch of our very own automated cloud platform for customers – Global Cloud Services – which was developed on OpenShift Enterprise.

SonarQube Stash (BitBucket) plugin

This plugin is a pull-request decorator which allows to integrate reports about quality rule violations, monitored with SonarQube, directly into your Atlassian Bitbucket pull-request.

NTP Proxy Tool

NTP-Proxy is a leap second test tool built by Global. By simulating leap seconds whenever and wherever required, NTP-Proxy allows you to check if your system or software can manage leap second events smoothly.

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"Source code is essentailly the 'magic stuff' that engineers use to make computers do interesting things.It's often considered a secret, like in a magic trick, that is hidden from prying eyes.Open source is about uncovering that magic,so that all developers can see the work of others and join tthe global efforts."

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