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Online travel is transforming at incredible speed. New players, content and ways to search, compare and book travel are disrupting the travel landscape. That’s why we’ve created a Live Travel Space, where travel buyers and sellers can connect and collaborate so travelers can shop and buy the trips they want and online travel agencies can grow their business.

Creating a sustainable online travel supply chain and value for online shoppers

The new era of digitalization continues to impact the way we live, work, interact and relate to one another. 
And, with this unprecedented change, a new world of opportunities opens up for all online travel agencies. But to embrace the change, they need to adapt quickly to new and shifting market dynamics and fast evolving travelers’ needs.
To support business growth, Global has evolved to become a Live Travel Space. Powered by Global technology and our people’s expertise, our Live Travel Space is where all players can connect and collaborate to address the needs of travelers and provide them with a wide range of travel options at any given moment.
Read more below to find out how you can improve your online business performance and deliver travelers the trips they expect by working with Global.

Global Flight Search

You select the content to sell, decide which capabilities to enable and have the choice in how to build your unique flight search engine.

 |    To meet these challenges you must:

Innovate to deliver value to consumers

Deliver a seamless travel experience from appealing user interfaces to innovative multi-provider solutions and frictionless in-trip management. Move faster than airlines by delivering instantaneous search results, virtual interlining solutions and more choice of payment methods.

Promote a sustainable business model for airlines

Partner with airlines under a common strategy to promote merchandising and high-value content, through the most efficient technical and commercial distribution channels. Our businesses can deliver great value to airlines by pushing merchandising content and even personalized NDC offers. 

Optimize your technology for monetization

Continue to grow in sales volumes and achieve greater yield by applying data-driven optimization to your business – from strategy to products, development and operations, you can systematically apply A/B testing and develop digital advertising. 

Expand and explore

We provide our online travel retailers with innovative technology combined with the expertise of our people to allow them to compete in the market place, evolve their core capability, expand their offer and explore new frontiers.


Adapting to changing market conditions and user expectations are at the heart of your value proposition. To help evolve your core capabilities, we deliver best content, unbeatable search performance and features, efficient worldwide payment solutions, operations and services automation.


Create new revenue opportunities extending your product base from airline products to ground transportation, accommodation and all-around travel-related ancillaries such as transfers, rental cars, airport services and activities.


Explore new frontiers of online travel retailing with more solutions and revenue opportunities.

Edge out

Our technology can truly help your business out-distance your competition.
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Global Launchpad

For travel startups seeking expertise and support in business growth at various levels of maturity.

The latest on Global Travel Content

Global offers you a single point of access to the widest range of travel content, fully integrated in the Global Travel Platform.

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