Global Offers for Business
Travel Agencies

Store and exchange travel proposals for air and hotel content via a central, cross-channel facility. Automate processes, replace time-consuming workarounds and experience impressive productivity gains, reducing the average time spent on trip management by as much as 60%.

Select your location for availability.

Get the most out of your operations

Save time and money with an optimized demand management process and intuitive workflow, replacing time-consuming workarounds.


Propose offers for flights, hotel and car rental to your travelers and quickly convert them into bookings, including for low-cost carriers.

Booking integrity

Eliminate duplicate passenger name records (PNRs) and fictitious bookings to reduce PNR cancellations and the risk of debit memos, limiting the cost and time wastage involved in dealing with such issues.

Offer variety

Consolidate guaranteed bookings and non-guaranteed offers for greater flexibility and improved efficiency.

Exemplary management

Enhance your commercial relationship and negotiating power with providers using business intelligence from proposed and confirmed offers.

Bolster your revenues and grow your customer base

Increase sales by proposing additional services based on stored trip proposals and appeal to a wider range of potential customers.

Extend your market reach

Reinforce your brand and extend your potential market using the Offer Notice, with customizable fields and automated content translation into 31 languages.

Enhance the customer experience​

Tailor products to your customer’s needs by understanding what offers were turned in to confirmed bookings. 

Compelling and convenient proposals

Package several offers together, including extended offers, into a proposal that can be sent to a traveler with a single price.

Unrivalled flexibility

Offer corporate travelers greater flexibility by proposing several alternatives to a single trip.

Engage customers with email customization

Our platform allows easy customization of emails that include flight, hotel and car rental details, allowing you to keep your customers informed about their itineraries and show them the best of what your brand has to offer.

next-generation booking and fulfillment tool built to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your….

Enjoy Unparalleled connectivity  and cost – effectiv management of your customized travel booking…..

Global Margin Manager

Global Offers

Create and store offers in a single PNR and easily exchange details with travelers via email. Once validated, an offer can be confirmed into a booking in a single transaction.

  Global is the first global distribution system to address the need for a tool that facilitates pre-booking activities for travel agents.

✔  Save time and money with an automated process, replacing time-consuming workarounds.

✔  Propose the sale of additional services based on stored trip proposal data, or charge for trip proposals/quotes.

✔ Transparent and efficient communication channels provide your customers with a faster, more convenient travel experience.

✔ Demonstrate the value you deliver to customers, detailing realized and missed savings.

✔ Synchronize customer request management with Amadeus Offers.

✔ Itinerary proposals are based on real-time availability and pricing, and are stored in single PNR.

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