New Distribution Capability (NDC) is just one, yet critical, enabler in the larger vision of enhanced travel retailing. It’s one of the biggest changes the industry has seen in a long time. And Amadeus is driving it forward.

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Global driving NDC

Discover the latest insights from our NDC journey and how we are activating NDC worldwide.

About Global NDC

Global has been heavily involved since the inception of NDC. Now, NDC is here.



There are great benefits for airlines, travel agencies, corporations, travelers. This is an opportunity for the industry to come on board with the latest retailing capabilities. New, richer, more innovative content and more tailored offers.




We’ve been working closely with IATA as well as our airline, travel agency and corporate customers to deliver NDC and make enhanced retailing a reality.




In line with our customers’ strategic objectives, Amadeus is delivering a full end-to-end integration of content via NDC connectivity. Our focus is on providing omnichannel servicing through highly scalable and performing solutions.

Despite this unprecedented crisis, NDC is even more crucial today as it is one of the paths to recover and leapfrog into better retailing for the travel industry.

Our certifications

  • Dual Level 4 NDC certifications from IATA: as an IT provider through the  Altéa PSS and fully integrated NDC IT portfolio, and as an aggregator with the Amadeus Travel Platform.
  • ONE Order Capable as an IT and Order Management System Provider.
  • Navitaire, an Amadeus company, holds the Level 3 certification for NDC as an IT provider and has been granted ONE Order Capable status as an Order Management System from IATA.

NDC for airlines

For airlines that have a broader vision to enhance travel retailing

A new context of personalization,​ beyond rich content.

  • NDC is enhancing retailing capabilities across the entire travel supply chain with a focus on traveler’s needs
  • New and exciting types of offers are made available and distributed to travelers around the world
  • It is part of a broader vision together with other initiatives such as ONE Order.
NDC is about distributing exciting new and relevant content.

Airlines can distribute innovative and more targeted content understanding the end customer’s needs:

    • Differentiating their brand and offer
    • Delivering instant and dynamic notifications to customers
    • Targeting their passengers with customized communication.

Global is making it easy for travel sellers to book to ensure a large-scale adoption of NDC

Travel sellers’ adoption is critical to NDC’s success. We have the expertise, the technology, and the network to help get the industry to the next level. We are committed to bring NDC up to scale:

  • We are collaborating with our customers and industry partners
  • We are bringing consistency in API interpretation and implementation
  • Advocating for standardization
  • Training travel sellers so they understand the whole potential of NDC.
  • Investing and enhancing our solutions for our travel sellers and airlines for the long-term
  • Providing the support and best functionalities to deliver the best service today and in the future
  • All while offering full omnichannel NDC servicing capabilities to better serve the customers.

We are delivering a full end-to-end and seamless integration of content via NDC connectivity. Our focus is on providing omnichannel servicing through highly scalable and performing solutions.

With Global Altéa NDCwe facilitate a consistent shopping experience across all relevant distribution channels.

An IATA-certified Level 4 channel-agnostic solution that  provides access to the full range of Global’ Offer & Order Management capabilities, enabling airlines to distribute advanced merchandising and personalized offers to third parties of their choice and provide a consistent shopping experience through the NDC API.

Seamless and automatic integration of content via NDC from our Global Altéa NDC customers into the Global Travel Platform via Global NDC Connect.

NDC for travel sellers

NDC is the future. And it’s here right now.

For travel sellers, a whole new world of opportunities is opening up.

  • New, richer and more innovative personalized content
  • More images, information, videos, ancillary services, traveler reviews and targeted bundled offers
  • Continual access to the latest promotions, fares and updates.

… and everything is delivered in real time.

Global NDC-enabled solutions are LIVE now

Our first NDC enabled solution for travel sellers was launched in 2018.

We currently have NDC bookings in production – including fully integrated end to end flow with full solution inter-operability – in two of our flagship interfaces:

  • Global Travel API for online travel players
  • Our cloud-based booking platform, Global Selling Platform Connect, and in cytric Travel & Expense corporate booking tool

With Global, travel sellers get all the benefits – without the hassle

We have completely re-engineered the Global Travel Platform so content via NDC connectivity is integrated together with content sourced via other technologies. So travel sellers can manage all content in the same way in one merged display.

Shopping & booking.

  • Fully Aggregated Search: across all content EDIFACT, NDC or other APIs.
  • Ancillary Services + Seat Map
  • Credit Card (with OB Fees)
  • Cash Settlement (ARC/BSP)
  • Enhanced Margin Manager.

Critical post-booking servicing.

  • Void/Cancel & Refund
  • Voluntary Changes
  • Involuntary Change Notifications & Queues.

End to end integration.

  • MBO feed based on A.I.R.: full integration into mid- and back-office systems
  • PNR with active flight segment.


  • Global takes care of the complexity of integrating different NDC APIs, so travel sellers can search, book and manage different airlines’ NDC and other content in the same way
  • Airline NDC API version mapping ensures consistent data format and flows across all airlines, regardless of the NDC version being used.

The Global NDC difference

What really set Global apart, and help set Global travel sellers apart, is our strong focus on building and normalizing important servicing capabilities across the different airlines and ensuring there is a full end-to-end integration of NDC bookings into the travel seller’s environment.

Plus improved synchronization with airline systems

Thanks to the seamless integration of Altéa airlines NDC content into the Global Travel Platform, travel sellers get even more value from the synergies of our solutions:

  • Coherent flows and continually evolving functionalities
  • Fast delivery of all new feature
  • Integrated end to end support led by the Global teams.

Delivering a long-term sustainable solution

We are investing in NDC so you don’t have to.

Our investment is designed to make sure our NDC solutions keep evolving and improving, adding more functionalities; and to make sure that our travel sellers are always ahead of the curve.

Global is the only technology provider that can deliver all of this holistically and across different user interfaces.

Get NDC ready with Global. Contact your account manager now to start enjoying the benefits of NDC in Global.

NDC for Corporations

The time to think about NDC is now. Our online booking and expense management tool, Cytric Travel & Expense, has NDC-enabled content seamlessly integrated so business travelers can reap the benefits of more exclusive and personalized content from airlines and corporations can apply their travel programs and policies. Here are the key benefits for a corporation booking NDC with Cytric via the Global Travel Platform:


  1. Content via NDC is presented in the same way and together with non-NDC options so business travelers can compare and ensure they book the offer that best fits their needs.
  2. Consistent booking flow so booking content via NDC is no different from any other content, including additional services, whether it be on their desktop or mobile app.
  3. End-to-end integration with the corporation’s travel agency so travelers are assured to receive the highest level of service from their agency
  4. Corporate travel managers can easily apply filters and define approval flows in line with their corporate travel policy
  5. Scalable and future-proof solutions that are easy to use by the travel manager and business traveler.

Join the NDC journey now and start benefiting from the opportunities that modern air retailing brings. Would you like some help to decide on the best way to bring NDC to your corporation?

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"I am glad that we've been able to move forward with NDC development and deployment as we believe this benefits all travel players and will be even more crucial in the recovery of our industry. Recently, we completed our seats integration via NDC with Global,and we have now added paid seat options. This evolution supports our philosophy to ensure that it is easy for customers to do business with us - no matter where or how they want to book ."

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