Global Mobile Messenger for Business
Travel Agencies

Harness a profile management system with unrivalled flexibility and ease of use. Amadeus Mobile Messenger works alongside any third-party system, offering consistent and accurate profile data and exceptional data sharing capabilities. 
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Enhance client experience

Reinforce your risk management strategy and monitor the safety and wellbeing of travelers throughout their trip, anticipating their needs and taking immediate action when needed. 

Manage risk effectively 

Access accurate, real-time destination information and incident analysis, identifying business travelers according to a country’s risk level and communicating relevant notices and alerts to them instantly.

Advanced messaging capabilities

Use a one-way message to inform travelers via SMS, smartphone, or email, or use a two-way feedback messaging system to communicate with them. Locate business travelers on request with the GPS functionality on their smartphone and keep a log of communication history. 

Manage your employee assets worldwide

Support all employees affiliated with a company facility, such as an office, factory or oil rig, wherever they are in the world. 

Minimize time wastage and focus agent time more effectively

Enable your business specialist travel agents to act proactively, contributing significantly to savings in customer assistance and reduced call center queries. Plus, workflow optimization simplifies processes and increases staff productivity.

Monitor flights and mitigate the impact of disruption 

Get live flight status and tracking for up-to-the-minute information that allows you to take prompt action in case of cancellation or delay. 

Manage role distribution more effectively 

Hierarchical user-roles provide security, greater visibility and improved efficiency. 

Harness real-time data to streamline your operations 

Use an automated system that provides the most up-to-date data possible, critical for incident and risk management.

Data automatically delivered in real-time 

Business traveler data is automated and updated in real-time, ensuring you’re always working with the latest and best information.

Filtering and location 

Using a multi-location display with precise itinerary geocoding, Amadeus Mobile Messenger can identify travelers in a specific area and use graphical tools to forecast future traveler activity. 

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Product Highlights

Global Mobile Messenger

Leverage a fast and efficient travel tool to manage your business travelers, providing them with an unbeatable service.  

✔  Support busiess travelers with direct expert assistance, regardless of their location. 

✔  Utilize precise real-time information and incident analysis to help your clients implement effective risk management strategies.

✔  Reduce call center queries and lower costs with live flight status and tracking.

✔  Anticipate business travel client needs and react with immediate action, enhancing the service you offer. 

✔ Take advantage of hierarchical user-roles for greater security, visibility and efficiency.

✔  Make use of comprehensive messaging systems including one-way messages (SMS, smartphone, email) or two-way messaging. 

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