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On a global scale, the fight for relevance creates some key challenges for your Metasearch business: securing geographical reach, ensuring your customers can access accurate and high-quality content, achieving revenue and optimizing performance to make sure your travelers have the best user experience. Amadeus MetaConnect helps your company face these challenges.

Global MetaConnect: Reach + Performancee

Solutions for Metasearch and airlines

Getting the attention of all relevant airlines and negotiating with them on a one-to-one basis can be a complex and lengthy process. Global MetaConnect can support your Metasearch business and airlines alike in an easy, fast and sustainable way, so you can connect with just a click and start earning money. Explore and create new monetization models by tailoring the most efficient models to suit your strategy and partners through referral, assisted booking and/or our affiliate partner network.
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Unique entry point to reach a global community of travel providers

Easy contractual agreement options

Easy to implement and scalable solutions

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