Global Margin Manager for Business
Travel Agencies

We enable your business travel agency to improve productivity and ensure revenue growth through the automatic calculation of service fees, mark-ups and discounts. All calculations are based on sophisticated margin schemes tailored to your business’ requirements.  

Simplify your operations for greater efficiency 

Make your business travel agency’s operations more efficient with our simplified means of determining fee, mark-up and discount rules.  

Automate pricing calculations 

Automatically calculate price at any point of the consultation processes and avoid wasting time typically associated with the transfer of information from front to back-office systems.  

Fee, mark-up and discount rules 

Set up and maintain fee, mark-up and discount rules from a single administration point in Global Selling Platform Connect.  

All-in-one updates 

Update multiple rules simultaneously and apply them instantly to all offices.

Minimize manual errors 

Eliminate manual errors with the ability to store details for accounts, invoicing and statistics.  

Capture more revenue and drive profit

Boost your revenue with our intuitive, automated tool for calculating service fees, mark-ups and discounts.  

Fee and mark-up collection 

We help ensure that you collect all chargeable fees and mark-ups. 

Leverage actionable insights 

Gain insights into how your business travel clients respond to your business rules and harness information to maximize profit by targeting particularly lucrative sales. 

Foster repeat business 

Increase client trust with our reliable system for calculating the total and individual components of the price of your travel offering – quickly and efficiently.

Adjust rules as needed 

Fine tune rules in line with your cost structure and business policy. 

Define marginal rules with ease 

Built with ease of use in mind, our platform makes it easy for you to establish marginal rules from within the Global Selling Platform. 

Take advantage of rule flexibility 

Flexible rules engine for sophisticated margin models. 

Centralize rule storage

Central storage of margin rules on the Global server. 

Leverage an intuitive GUI 

The graphical user interface enables easy creation and maintenance of margin rules. 

Streamlined integration 

Seamless integration with Global Customer Profiles ensures maximum productivity. 

Global Margin Manager

Global Margin Manager

The automatic calculation of service fees, mark-ups and discounts through the Global Interface Record (AIR) makes your travel agency more efficient and leaves your customers satisfied. 

  Calculate and charge all margins automatically. 

✔  Organize and manage fee, mark-up and discount rules through a single access point. 

✔  12% reduction in overall reservation processing time.

✔  67% reduction in fee application processing time.

✔  Easy-to-use graphical interface. 

✔  On average, 28% growth in travel agency fee revenue.  

✔  Ensure that no chargeable fess and mark-ups are overlooked or missed. 

✔  Make manual errors a thing of the past with our automatic and efficient data storage for accounts invoicing and statistics.  

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