At Global we aim to provide travelers with unique, memorable, seamless and tailored end-to-end experiences. By addressing travelers' current and future needs and treating their pain points we will create value for them and, importantly, for our customers too.

Putting the traveler at the center of our innovations

Innovation is part of Global DNA since its creation. Innovation is, by nature, full of uncertainties and ever-changing.  We all know that everything we took from granted can be challenged one day from another. That’s why, we need to focus on innovations that will stand the test of time; innovations that will deliver value to our customers and the travelers. We want to explore and create breakthrough and sustainable solutions that will empower and delight travelers, ensuring them a safe and stress-less travel. And to do so, we can rely on our internal strength and the creativity of the external ecosystem.


| 2022 Research Paper

Rebuilding travel

To understand the drivers of change ahead, we have spoken to a range of industry leaders and undertaken traveler research at different stages in the last few months. This paper brings together some of the insights.

Mobilizing all the resources

To innovate, we rely on the alchemy between our internal competency, our innovators, researchers, designers, technologists and the external ecosystem. Thanks to our internal culture of openness and experimentation and our culture of collaboration with customers, developers, start-ups, we aim at unlocking new opportunities.


Incubating new business

Identify and incubate the next generation of Global businesses that will shape travel experience in the near future.

We identify, incubate and grow transformational ideas to turn them into value to shape the travel experience today and tomorrow. Discover our approach to innovation, our incubator and our portfolio of innovations.



Leveraging the ecosystem​

Grow and nurture an ecosystem of innovative users and partners of Global, to foster open innovation, enrich our value proposition and capture ecosystem value..

We look for entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, and together we deliver next generation technology that improves the travel experience.​



Opening our platforms​

Provide access to the richest information in the travel industry thanks our self-service API platform to test, explore, build and deliver apps to the market quickly.​.

We help companies, developers, or startups around the world connecting to Amadeus technology and build innovative new solutions.



Exploring data, AI & emerging technologies

Harness the explosion of digital data and computational power, to better understand travelers and their behaviors, and enable smarter travel experience.

We improve our solutions and innovate thanks to a dedicated team of data scientists AI experts, and technologists.


Our core principles

Travelers matter

Travel is about emotion. We want to address travelers’ needs, to offer them more relevant choices, autonomy, transparency and control when traveling.



Work together

Airlines, airports, governments, hotels, travel agencies, technology providers … all of us will have to collaborate to optimize and to offer everything that makes up the full end-to-end experience.



Be open

We want to foster the emergence of open platforms, enabling cross-fertilization and fast deployment of value across travel stakeholders. 



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