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We identify, incubate and grow new business services to shape the travel experience today and tomorrow.
Discover our approach to innovation through our portfolio of incubated businesses.

Incubation at Global

We’re incubating new businesses to create better travel experiences. We do so by exploring travel trends per area, analyzing traveler needs, testing potential solutions and growing the one that has the highest potential to improve the overall traveler journey. We work with customers, partners, travelers and internal teams to create new business models and turn big ideas into delightful journeys.


Our portfolio of businesses

Today, in our portfolio of incubations, we have a range of businesses both for travel companies and travelers.

For travel companies:

Traveler Centric Platform

A new collaborative platform for travel providers to share customers’ insights, generate new revenues, and humanize the traveler experience thanks to more personalized and joined-up services.

Traveler ID

A platform that digitalizes and automates traveler identification and document verification across the traveler journey.                                                           


Globa Discover

A B2B distribution platform that connects, aggregates, and distributes activities at destination for hotels, destination offices and tourism offices to better serve travelers.


Global Hey!

A unique AI-powered travel assistant that allows companies to send personalized messages with relevant information to travelers at every stage of their journey.


For travel :


A travel app bringing you all the travel info you need in one place. Smart travel itinerary, flight status, alerts and travel services to get you smoothly from door to door.


A digital travel concierge that sends personalized, timely tips and offers straight to travelers’ mobile phones.                                                                        

Transversal initiative complementing our portfolio

Travel Innovation Club

The Travel Innovation Club is a private group of leaders from the travel industry who work together to explore innovative ideas that can add value to the travelers and the travel industry. 



Our approach to incubation

Our business building methodology is unique. We worked with corporate innovation experts from Lean Scaleup to develop our own stage-gate process and incubate businesses in a fast and bold way. 

We also built an Executive Incubation Board made of experts within the Amadeus organization to provide strategic guidance and make sure that our portfolio incubations remain in line with our corporate strategy. 

We believe our approach is key to ensure that the solutions we explore have the potential to scale up. We know that invalidating a solution is part of any incubation process. That’s why we stop incubations if we prove that they don’t offer enough value for the traveler and the travel industry. 

We see people as the best assets to bring new businesses to life. That’s why at Nexwave, our people are data drive, agile, iterate quickly, learn from the market and know to invest incrementally. 

Our core principles

Travelers at the heart

We put the traveler at the center of everything we do. We want to address travelers’ needs, designing solutions they value and which make their travel experience enjoyable and stressless. 



Internal excellence

We rely on our corporate strengths, internal growth experts and best-of-breed incubation framework. Our internal culture of openness and experimentation allows us to constantly challenge ourselves and improve the way we work.



Collaboration across the industry

We fight silos and isolation. By building a culture of collaboration, we help our startups, partners and customers to arrive at the future before the competition.



Smart people can build the next thing right, but you have to make sure you build the right next thing.

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Rebuilding travel together

To understand the drivers of change ahead, we have spoken to a range of industry leaders and undertaken traveler research at different stages in the last few months. This paper brings together some of the insights.

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