How organizations can improve the experience for business travelers with NDC

In a new age of travel retailing, Cytric by Amadeus delivers a smooth booking and servicing experience for corporate travelers with NDC-enabled content

A more seamless, integrated and customized experience is the top priority for travelers. One way American Airlines is providing that enhanced experience is through our partnership with Amadeus which offers end-to-end servicing for American’s NDC-enabled content via the Amadeus Travel Platform.  American is the first U.S. airline to launch NDC-sourced content in Cytric, a suite of corporate travel management solutions including booking and expense, giving business travelers the benefits of more exclusive, customized offers that can be booked and managed in one system. By working hand-in-hand with Amadeus to make enhanced content through NDC a reality, we’re able to deliver customized offers and services to our travelers. 

Gone are the days of switching between platforms to manage travel plans. With end-to-end capabilities through Amadeus that allow for seamless booking and servicing in one platform, a world of opportunities has opened up. The time to start thinking about how you can further innovate with NDC is now.

Delivering value for the traveler 

The NDC standard is an enabler for the travel industry to unlock an improved booking experience or enhanced value to the individual traveler much like broadband internet was an enabler to many of the streaming entertainment services and e-commerce platforms common today. Through an NDC-enabled booking tool, retailers such as American, are able to bring products normally only available on our airline websites, such as enhanced legroom seating available in third-party channels. We are also able to deliver enhanced offerings to travelers who are traveling as part of a corporate program with American.

Additionally, with an NDC-enabled booking tool American receives more information at time of shopping request and is able to provide more relevant offers to customers. These additional products and elevated offers enable the Travel Manager and airline to identify additional opportunities for value in the corporate travel program while still working in alongside with the corporate travel policy. 

At American, we’ve rolled out three exclusive, elevated offers available only through NDC-enabled channels. 

  • Our first offer is Main Plus, which includes a Main Cabin Extra or Preferred Seat along with an additional free checked bag and preferred boarding. 
  • In addition to Main Plus and enhanced servicing capabilities, the integration provides corporate travel buyers access to our Corporate Experience offer which can be purchased on behalf of companies that are members of American’s Business Extra reward program. Corporate Experience provides access to a preferred seat, priority check-in, priority security, and priority, earlier boarding.
  • Recently in many of our high-frequency business markets, American introduced our latest offer, Main Select. This offer includes enhanced benefits of fully refundable, access to Main Cabin Extra and Preferred seats at time of booking, Priority Privileges, and free same-day flight changes. 

With Cytric, travelers also have full access to add ancillaries like seat reservations or to cancel their bookings online – this is now more important than ever in today’s ever-changing travel climate.

Do more with NDC 

We’re continuing to work with Amadeus to bring NDC-sourced content to life in ways that our business travelers care about most. With Cytric Travel & Expense, corporate travelers now have a full view of relevant content from airlines like us, with everything in one place for an integrated and seamless experience. NDC-sourced content is presented with non-NDC sourced content in the same booking flow to easily compare and book the best offer. Overall providing a scalable and sustainable solution that is easy to adjust, use and adapt to the ever-changing world of travel by travel managers and business travelers alike.

With full, end-to-end integration of our NDC-enabled content into the corporate travel ecosystem – NDC benefits everyone throughout the travel chain. As NDC adoption accelerates, corporations should prepare and ensure readiness to make the most of NDC by negotiating content for their travelers and ensuring that their travel agencies are ready to service the NDC bookings.

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