At Global we are committed to increasing our positive impact, supporting our customers to reach their sustainability objectives, and collaborating with industry stakeholders in joint environmental, social and innovative projects.

In this spirit, the Global Global Hackathon will bring together virtually over 600 students from around the world to innovate and develop applications that make the travel experience more sustainable, while competing for prizes in a fun environment. The hackathon aims to assemble a diverse array of students to code on a cutting-edge, cloud native platform.

The Global Global Hackathon will tap into the creativity of students and combine it with wide ranging expertise from partners like UNWTO, IT vendors like Microsoft, as well as travel players (airlines, etc.). The hackathon will also present the students with the possibility to get a job or internship at Global and other partners. Carbon emissions will be fully offset, and a tree will be planted in honor of each participant.

*Regarding CO2 emissions, Global’ target is to become carbon neutral by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. In that respect, Global signed the UN carbon neutral pledge in 2017. Although 2050 is the target date, Global’ ambition is to become carbon neutral by 2030. 

Which player will reach our 20K prize