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Promote your country, city or region with maximum effect, optimize your strategic and tactical marketing plans and see sustainable tourism growth in your area with Global Destinations. We provide detailed insights into market and traveler trends that enable DMOs and Tourism Boards to make better, more informed business decisions.

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Global harnesses in-depth travel data analytics from the millions of journeys we process every year. Global for Destinations combines these insights with a broad range of marketing channels to help you reach highly-targeted audiences, make your marketing spend more effective and drive visitor growth in your region. 

Big Data Insights

What are the most important keys to optimizing events for a destination to showcase all its potential? Find it all in our latest report “Big Data Insights: The key to optimizaing events”

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10s of billions of searches

1,000+ airline schedules

1+ billion annual air booking


Global Analytics & Intelligence Solutions transform complex data sets, analytics and big data from travel intelligence into intelligible insights, tailored to your tourism organization. We provide you with information about your real visitors’ search, purchase and travel patterns, such as whether they are business or leisure travelers, so you can identify whom to target, when and how.


Leverage a powerful, data-driven marketing network that encompasses every step of a traveler’s journey to promote your destination with Global Media Solutions and Travel Audience. Reach the world’s largest network of connected travel agents, alongside millions of global travelers, with our forward- thinking advertising media.

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