Global cytric Travel & Expense for
Business Travel Agencies

Help your customers implement cost-efficient business travel management with Global cytric Travel & Expense. With its transparency, consistency and choice at the point of booking, they can build a dynamic booking and expense process. With control and visibility over their travel investment in mind.

Select your location for availability.

Minimize cost leakage and improve your bottom-line

Reduce direct costs by ensuring compliance with customers’ corporate and legal policies. Decrease indirect costs by reducing the administrative tasks related to the handling of expenses and minimize the risks associated with uncontrolled spending and fraud.

Offer a fully integrated payment solution

Credit card feeds are integrated to accelerate expense creation and review with instantaneous computation of reimbursement and daily allowances based on legal and customer-specific rules.

Stay compliant with regularly updated fiscal rules

Country legal and fiscal rules are implemented and pro-actively updated for a growing number of markets.

Enable effective management of expense policies

Global cytric Travel & Expense supports complex, customer-specific expense policies which can be implemented by our expert teams.

Deliver the highest quality service to your business travel clients

This product delivers what your business travel agency needs – technology with open and flexible architecture that adapts to your IT systems and integrates with other technology providers.

Facilitate a seamless workflow

Enhance your business travel agency’s workflow with automated validation rules, audit trail, notifications, reminders and discussion threads that support everyone involved in the travel process, including travelers, approvers, auditors and accountants.

Harness convenient expense calculations

Trip data is transferred to the Expense module, where it’s automatically integrated into the daily breakdown.

Integrate all travel and expense records

Access master data and user profiles with a single log-in and enjoy easy synchronization with external systems.

Benefit from a user-friendly interface

The user interface is designed with business travelers in mind and is similar to the shopping experience on the consumer website.

Plan ahead effectively and reduce risk

When you choose Global, you get a long-term partner to help you shape the future success of your business. We give you insight and clear direction in matters related to both IT and travel technology – backed up with the investment to turn your business plans into reality.

Get a more detailed and sophisticated expense receipt capture

Expense receipt capture and automated addition to expense statement through cytric Mobile Companion.

Access all your expense information with one click

Receipts with matching dates displayed together with trip data, and the whole expense report can be built in one click.

Access intelligible expense statements

Multiple and configurable expense statements export to your accounting, payroll, treasury and other systems.

Store and exchange  travel Proposals for air and hotel content with travelers via central , cress – channel….

Communicate detailed Travel information with business travel client thanks to Global Dynamic Travel..

Global Margin Manager

Global cytric Travel & Expense

Effectively assist your business travel clients and enjoy a streamlined, simplified user-experience.

Reduce direct costs with upgraded compliance to country legal and fiscal rules.

✔  Reduce indirect costs for your business travel clients by alleviating administrative burden, as well as minimizing inefficient spending and fraud with payment integration.

✔ Harness a simple workflow with automated validations, as well as expense modules and a fully integrated travel and expense tool.

✔ Help your business travel clients minimize risk with Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense, a well-established partner to help develop long-term success with clear insight and technology expertise.

✔Enjoy expense receipt capturing – with matching dates displayed together with trip data in all receipts.

✔ Benefit from a user-centric interface, designed with business travelers in mind.

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