Global cytric Mobile for Corporations

All in your pocket - a complete travel and expense management end-to-end solution in one single app. With the cytric Mobile app you can manage travel spend in real-time from the very beginning and before it occurs, increase employee productivity and improve traveler safety.

Amadeus cytric Mobile puts you in control, making it easier than ever before to manage your business trips via your mobile device – whether it is booking a trip, being in the know, staying in touch while travelling or managing travel expenses on the go.

Deliver 24/7 self-service experiences

Global cytric Mobile gives employees the digital experience they demand today, thus increasing employee satisfaction and productivity and empowering them to self-serve 24/7. Employees can simply book, rebook and cancel trips, as well as create, submit, approve, audit and account for expenses at anytime, anywhere via an easy to use modern interface.

Keep your corporate travelers safe

Globals cytric Mobile comprises a risk management solution that lets you quickly manage any type of incident via a single tool. This allows you to put your employees and travelers first by providing real-time assistance and disruption management. The solution also fully integrates with Global Mobile Messenger.

Transform finance and approval processes

Global cytric Mobile empowers you to digitalize your front-end and back-end processes along the entire business travel journey. Use certified scanning to capture, digitally sign and securely archive receipts in sustainable way, enhance policy compliance and increase efficiency through process automation.

Amadeus cytric Mobile Sales Sheet

Global Margin Manager

Global cytric Mobile

Create and store offers in a single PNR and easily exchange details with travelers via email. Once validated, an offer can be confirmed into a booking in a single transaction.

Search, book or cancel flights, hotels, rental cars, rail and transfers with the same user-friendly interface as on the computer. Approve or reject trip requests without delay.

✔  Create and submit expense reports. Approve or reject expense requests in real-time. Scan, digitally certify, upload and store your receipts for quick and easy expense reporting and storage.

✔  Locate, communicate with, and assist travelers in real-time – whenever you need, and wherever they are with the duty of care option..

✔ Keep track of upcoming trips and get timely updates on delays, cancellations, flight and gate changes through push notifications.

✔ Access all the trip tools you need such as online check-in, maps, currency converter and agency contacts through the same app.

✔ Check-in to your hotel automatically thanks to Smarthotel option.

Implement effective and cost – efficient business travel managment with grobal travel & expense

Care for your traveller regardless, of location ,with this real time ,web based disrupation management 

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