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It is time to overcome your limitations! With Global you can integrate your content, boost your B2B service and regain power in the market.

Our 30 years’ experience in the tourism industry and our IT leading solutions will support your business position and automation, boosting your strategy and operation to another level.

Meet Hanna - and her Travel Agent Sophie

Hanna is planning her first trip since the start of the pandemic and realizes that traveling now is different than before the pandemic, so she calls her local travel agency to get an expert's help with the planning & support.

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Create more content, more revenues

Simplify the complexity

Delight the traveler

Differentiate your business

Create more content, more revenues

Attending different business lines, the loss of power and the rise of new business models force you to be more responsive with what you offer. We provide you with the tools that’ll help you find new revenue streams.

Accommodate for every traveler’s needs

Each business traveler is different. With accommodation types ranging from 5-star hotels to B&Bs to managed apartments, you can meet every traveler’s needs and be sure that you can offer your clients the best and most personalized hotel experience.

Integrate all your content

In a one stop shop that brings together all relevant content – including air, accommodation, rail, mobility, insurance and destination – from whatever source (Edifact, NDC, APIs and Aggregators).

Personalize your air offer

With our ancillary services that allow you to customize the offer and diversify your revenues.

Gain up to 15% commission with Global Transfers

It is time for you to get more revenues. With Global Transfers you have an extra source of income and create a more convenient relationship with your sub agencies.

Access to multiple hotel rates options, including net rates

Access to a wide range of hotel rates suitable for any type of travel and business and broaden your offer.

Simplify the complexity

It is important to have your technology adapted to your various business lines, this will help you to better perform when answering your customers and suppliers demands. In Globalwe’ll support you with end to end solutions that’ll improve every stage of your value chain automation.

Provide an intuitive booking interface

Connect with your customers trough an intuitive user interface that also reinforces control of your business.

Optimize your search and conversion

Customize your content distribution and get search responses in less than 1 second with over 250 recommendations.

Optimize your ticketing flow

Price, compare and automate your ticketing through a single platform. Our Business Management Platform incorporates various solutions to support your automation fulfilment needs.

Gain while you make your providers payments

Optimize your suppliers payments and get extra income through Global B2B Wallet.

Get savings on booked flights

Automate the search for a better available fare on customers’ air bookings and gain extra savings.

Streamline your after sale service

Improve your after sale operation and gain time and automation when re-pricing, reissuing, revalidating or refunding tickets in both voluntary and involuntary flows.

Achieve better automation in your sale and post-sale processes

Automate recurrent, time consuming or complex tasks associated with quality control, file finishing, ticketing, notifications and reporting.

Identify operative bottlenecks in cooperation with the Global Experts

Consult our shopping, fare and web services experts to improve you operation and technological infrastructure.

Delight the traveler

In an era of hyper-personalization, travelers want tailored journeys and experiences that match their needs. Global can help you improve your customer experience while communicating clearly when closing the travel sale.

Differentiate your business

By understanding the market and your business performance, you can differentiate from your competitors. We’ll give you access to the best business consultancy experts and to a complete industry information repository to support your strategy through the market knowledge and business tracking.

Follow business performance covering the full PNR lifecycle

Empower your business knowledge with Productivity Tracker and follow your performance at each stage of your sale and post- sale processes.

Get support with your expansion plans into new territories

Our experts will help you validating your market options and expanding your choices to boost your growth in new markets.

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