We are cloud-ready. We’re fully embracing cloud technology to enhance responsiveness, scalability, agility, efficiency and availability of our services to all our customers. Global Cloud Services enables us to flexibly and easily deploy applications and cloud solutions in any location using automation.

A brighter future for our customers

We support our customers better, quicker and more efficiently by providing the rich software and applications they need; when and where they need them. Thanks to our cloud platform, we can increase responsiveness and customize our technology offer, based on an in-depth understanding of each customer’s business needs.


Global Cloud Services

We successfully launched Global Cloud Services (ACS) in 2014, our next generation internal application platform supported by an open source project we developed in collaboration with RedHat on OpenShift Enterprise.

Global Cloud Services is a combination of software, tools and practices. It provides a flexible and powerful framework for massive deployment and distributed operations of very large transactional and data traffic. Our cloud software speeds up our global distribution system and makes it more agile to cope with peak demand, without lag.


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Global & Red Hat – Global Cloud Services

From initial search to booking a flight, from pricing and ticketing to managing reservations, and from check-in to departure, Global technology keeps the travel industry moving forward.

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Benefits of the Cloud for our customers.

Global Cloud Services solves the challenge of ever increasing flight search volumes for airlines and is revolutionizing the technological foundations of the global hospitality industry and other industry players.

We make a more efficient and effective management use of your applications which increases the platform availability and enables to streamline operations through automation.


✔  We identify and counter-act potential problems before they affect your customers by using machine learning or artificial intelligence.


✔  We deliver more personalized services in a quicker and more effective manner and with higher quality.


✔  We accommodate different business models with our cloud-based operating, deployment and management systems.


✔  We deploy cloud solutions that help answer scalability and response time needs.


✔  We provide seamless integration with other Global solutions and third-party systems.


✔  Global Cloud Services enables our solutions to run on your own global private cloud as well as on multiple public cloud providers.


✔  Our cloud solution decreases system latency to enable better customer service and reduces time to market for new services.


Travel technology trends

Find out the technology trends impacting the travel industry and how Global is responding to them with cloud computing, big data, platform as a service and many more.

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