The story of Global

Global was founded in 1987. It was the beginning of a journey to shape the future of travel.
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Travel powers progress. Global powers travel.

Travel makes the world a better place. Our solutions make the world more connected, efficient and rewarding for travelers and businesses alike. We’ve been an industry leader for over 30 years and continue to drive innovation, growth and customer satisfaction.

| Industries we power


Our tech allows us to evolve with the industry and advance air travel.


We can help you respond in real-time to changing situations.

Business travel agencies

We excel in being cost-conscious, allowing travelers to focus on business.


We help Corporations power smarter business travel.


We create exciting travel packages, selling them to a wider market.

Destinations & DMOs

We have the newest insights into market and traveler trends.

Ground handlers

Our ground handling solutions reduce costs and enhance efficiency.


We offer solutions for every aspect of the service experience.

Metasearch & travel media

We help you face the challenges of remaining relevant.


We connect car rental companies with major travel sellers.

Online travel agencies

Online travel is competitive, but our Live Travel Space keeps you connected.


We deliver passenger rail technology solutions that connect railways.

Retail travel agencies

We unlock the best market opportunities to meet changing demands.

Tour operators

We have the technology to help you build individualized packages.

Travel insurance

We offer the more reliable and efficient solutions for travel insurance.

Global Corporate


Global’ technology helps the travel industry to meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the long-term prosperity of the industry and the natural, cultural and economic resources.