Business Intelligence for Mobility

Benefit from insight into a comprehensive data mix combining car rental shopping and Global data (historical and future demand) customer behavior and your position compared to competitors in order to make informed decisions for how to price and position your business.

Single unified view of customer demand data

Access historical and future car bookings to help you optimize your business, such as the location of your rental fleet. With detailed descriptions on previous month’s bookings, it’s easier to build up an accurate picture of customer behavior, including the market, booking patterns and contribution to revenue. Business Intelligence for Mobility also provides real-time data from shopping requests and availability responses for any car rental reservations made through the Global Travel Platform.

Smarter business decision-making process

In today’s competitive environment, success depends on understanding your market, made possible by knowing your competition, their prices, channel strategies and availability. With Business Intelligence for Mobility, car rental providers can view future, current and past rates and availability from major global distribution systems, online travel agents and brand websites. Empower your rate management and e-business strategies with customized reporting and analytics to suit the needs for your business.

Tailored support and greater flexibility

We are a global company with a comprehensive level of support. We have experts close to you to help you when you need it. They can provide a personalized consultancy across each product line. Additionally, our Business Intelligence solutions for Mobility offer you great flexibility. You choose and combine the products that work best for your business needs: Competitive Rate Data, Amadeus Cars MIDT, Search & Response Data, Global Cars Eyesight.

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