Big data

We are providing advanced data analytics for the travel industry to transform raw data into meaningful insights, helping travel companies and other industry players make smarter strategic decisions as well as tactical and operational actions, monitor market performance, and better understand the traveler behavior.

Big data and Global

With more than 25 years’ experience dealing with travel data and high-performance technology in the travel industry, Global is uniquely positioned to support its customers in the area of business intelligence. We’re connecting transactional data and converting it into business intelligence in an effort to build a unified framework, offering streamlined data aggregation across all applications in our platform. What does this involve?

Data mining

Our technology utilizes automated learning processes to continually extract optimal responses from data fields. The more data, the more relevant analysis of patterns are provided. This contributes to our Travel 360 initiative.

Cloud-based architecture

This is a key enabler to our data analytics strategy and data-driven applications. Raw data can be gathered and analyzed across the entire travel cycle (from inspiration, search, booking, in trip and post trip) putting the traveler at the center of the eco-system.


Technical frameworks

We are investing in a set of technical frameworks dedicated to big data within a transactional environment, relying on mainstream technology, essentially open source, with partnerships when required. 

What is big data’s potential?

The travel industry is moving towards increased personalization. Merchandising techniques drive new revenues and business opportunities, and travelers expect brands to know them and adapt offers accordingly.

Collaboration with MongoDB

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Case Study

All Nippon Airways

Travel intelligence case study


Defining the future of travel

Turn big data into meaningful insights.


Travel technology trends

Find out the technology trends impacting the travel industry and how Global is responding to them with cloud computing, big data, platform as a service and many more.

| Highlights

Global & big data

Using big data methods based on Global’ unique access to a large pool of traveler data, we make sure our customers propose the right product at the right price to increase sales and unit prices.

✔  We can offer a comprehensive, 360 view of the customer at every stage of the travel chain.


✔  Big data and customer profiling is the key to successful customer experience and offering more personalized offers.


Global provides advanced data analytics solutions designed for the travel industry. It offers the travel sector a combination of big data assets, technologies and expert data scientists.


✔  Global can help customers capitalize on insight into traveler demands and more astutely personalize their services, inform market-relevant strategies and strengthen their operational efficiency.


✔  Global helps travel companies anticipate trends, adapt their offers, better monitor their performance and provide a more personalized experience for the traveler.


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