Automate smarter. Recover faster.

Global automation solutions can help travel agencies and tour operators accelerate recovery and thrive in the new normal.

Solutions to get you growing again

No matter what comes your way, you need to keep your business moving efficiently.  You may be suffering from persistent challenges such as time-consuming repetitive tasks, or new challenges brought on by the latest crisis that include the need to manage volatile travel restrictions.

Regardless of the stage you’re in of your automation journey, Amadeus’ solutions can help you thrive in the ever-changing travel industry.



  • Speed up your operations
  • Save money-automatically
  • Boost your business recovery

Speed up your operations

Ready to reduce the time your agents spend on ticketing processes by up to 49%?

You’ve known for years that labor-intensive tasks admin work has been eating up too much of your agents’ time.

It’s time to put that admin work on autopilot. Automate those tasks and keep your people focused on value-adding activities that support your business recovery.

Amadeus Productivity Suite

Check out how Amadeus Productivity Suite improves your business’ efficiency and saves you money by eliminating manual entries.

Save money - automatically

Did you know that every 100 manual refunds you process exposes you to €2,140 of potential ADMs?

Flight schedules and travel plans are changing more than ever, which means more admin work and more risk of costly errors.

Global tools can revolutionize your people’s speed and accuracy managing reissues and refunds.

Global Ticket Changer

Check out how Global Ticket Changer can accelerate productivity and reduce ADMs:

Boost your business recovery

Did you know you can save up to €380 per ticketed optimized PNR?

Airfares change all the time and taking advantage of price drops can have a big impact on your bottom line. Global can help you continuously monitor your PNRs for better fares and take advantage of savings – automatically.


Amadeus Fare Optimizer

Check out how Global Fare Optimizer can help you capture every revenue opportunity.

WEBINAR- Automate smarter. Recover faster.

How travel agencies and tour operators can speed up, learn more 

A dedicated webinar to discover how to delegate sophisticated and time-consuming tasks to Global Automation solutions and dedicate to what you do best: selling travels.

Want more Automation Solutions to help you automate smarter & recover faster?

Ticketing and Queue Management

Automate your agency’s most time-consuming tasks, 24/7/265: ticketing, schedule changes and ticket updates, queue cleaning, queue management and quality control.

Flight Change Notifications

Instantly let your travelers know about flight changes and flight status updates.


Make payment operations more efficient, more secure – and more profitable.

Service Fees and Mark-ups

Optimize your profits on every product and through every sales channel.

"Reasons to Rethink Automation with Global"