We believe the possibilities APIs will bring to development in travel technology are only just beginning. The Ancour APIs we are providing to our tools and solutions give partners access to content, data and processes that accelerate experimentation and innovation at the forefront of travel.

We help advance travel and build better journeys

Global provides access to APIs solutions that unlock travel content and services, as well as to all resources developers that may need to take full advantage of those APIs. 

Global was the first Global Distribution System to introduce a structured API, back in 2000. Since then, we have published new version based on XML and Web Services in 2006.

Helping creativity to flourish

Global Web Services is a unique point of access for all Global content and has been built on scalable Open System architecture and XML formatting to ensure that you always remain at the cutting-edge of architecture and technology.

We are currently building a new travel API inspired by New Distribution Capabilities to offer high level aggregated business functions. We want to enable travel agencies to access any type of air content through the new Ancour Travel Platform.


Finnair Transforms its Booking

Global’s newest digital retailing API

Finnair looks to simplify direct booking via API technology.

Travel technology trends

Find out the technology trends impacting the travel industry and how Global is responding to them with cloud computing, big data, platform as a service and many more.

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