Global solutions for airport operators

From check-in to take-off, our airport technology encompasses every stage of the aircraft turnaround. With one partner, you have it all covered.

Flexible and agile airport technology

Our airport technology gives you the agility and adaptability to respond to changing situations. With flights, passengers and baggage to manage, you can have clear visibility on each turnaround activity and make informed decisions, thanks to real-time information shared between airport partners and systems.

Lufthansa: prepared with portable check-in

Discover how Lufthansa was able to respond rapidly to the demands of the pandemic with portable check-in.

Airport cloud solutions

Global cloud solutions for airports provides you with software applications on-demand.

Off-airport check-in

Take remote check-in and bag drop to any location, at any time, offering travelers more choice, convenience and speed.


Airport management solutions

Our suite of integrated solutions help airports to turn around aircraft safely while achieving improved punctuality.

Global Flow

Adapt operations to respond to rapidly evolving airport environments and ensure an exceptional passenger experience with our scalable and flexible solutions.

Airport connectivity

Our suite of secure and reliable connectivity products for accessing our data center and airport solutions.

Ground handling solutions

From the minute an aircraft arrives to the moment it takes off, Global will accompany you at every stage of a turnaround.

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